RAM Group UK
Unit 1A Levens Road,
Newby Road Industrial Estate,
Hazel Grove,
SK7 5DL.
Tel. +44 (0)161 482 4001
Fax. +44 (0)161 482 4041
Email ramgroup@btconnect.com

RAMGroup UK manufacture a range of high quality bollards and barriers in stainless steel, these come in a variety of sizes and lengths, the most common being 90/101/114/129/154/204 but other options are available. Top profiles are either flat, semi dome or mitre, with milled grooves and hazard bands possible on many sizes. Mostly brush satin finish in either grade 304 or 316, mirror polish is also available and options for bolt down or removeable can be offered. These bollards can be strengthened with a mild steel primed insert for anti-ram, but see our Carbinox Strata range as an alternative. Hoops range from cycle stands through to forecourt protection barriers, and are also available as bolt down or root fixed. To be cost effective we would recommend either 1200 or 1500 standard lengths to minimise wastage.

Design Diameter Wall Length Finish Grade Flat top Semi dome Mitre Anti ram Recess
RSSB/90 90 2 1200/1500 satin 304/316
RSSB/101 101 2 1200/1500 satin 304/316
RSSB/114 114 2 1200/1500 Satin 304/316
RSSB/129 129 2 1200/1500 Satin 304/316
RSSB/154 154 2 1200/1500 Satin 304/316
RSSB/204 204 2 1200/1500 Satin 304/316  

Non standard or bespoke options available on request.

Option available for reflective or contrasting bands.

Lift out options available c/w galvanised socket with lid and padlock facility.

Bolt down versions available.